In addition to the regular slate of financial professionals below, we occasionally accept guest posts from others.  While rare, sometimes we ask expert acquaintances to contribute, and even more rarely, we ask them to join the team.  If you or someone you know is interested, get in touch via the Contact page.

The Analyst – Jordan S. Terry

Jordan started trading and following markets before his Bar Mitzvah in 1996.  Subsequently, he earned a BS in Finance from The Pennsylvania State University and is currently, besides running Stone Street Advisors LLC, working on his MBA at NYU’s Stern School of Business. He has worked in a number of areas from Wealth Management to Investment Banking.  He writes about investing, business/market/financial analysis, economics, policy, financial regulatory reform, the persistent & unfortunate failings of the mainstream financial media and regulatory regime and failures in general.  His interests & hobbies include playing squash, running, cycling, weight-lifting, swimming, playing drums, and reading academic research on finance and business. He enjoys music, film, food, (particularly modern) art, humor, and sunny days.  NYC/Northern NJ

Georgetown Jack

Georgetown Jack has over 10 years of investment banking experience having worked at storied firms such as Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and J.P. Morgan. He has a BS in Finance and an MBA from this land’s most prestigious university. He shuns the spotlight, choosing rather to shed light where confusion and inaccuracy reigns. He has an affinity for golf and is doing his best to free his world from clutter.  New York, NY


Dutch_Book has worked on a large institutional sales & trading desk for the past four years, focused in the FX and rates space. Favorite economist: Milton Friedman, author: Ayn Rand, trader: Paul Tudor Jones.  He eats and drinks like it’s his last day on earth. Boston, MA

*Your patience is appreciated as he is trained in economics & statistics and clearly not in English.

Naked Bond Bear

Naked Bond Bear is the Old Man Smithers of Stone Street Advisors. Mr. Bear’s structured finance experience spans 22 years working for a series of named Wall Street firms, of which, all but one have gone bankrupt or merged with a large foreign bank. He worked as a structurer, published research analyst, portfolio credit manager, trader, senior risk manager and even did a stint as a government financial regulator. Mr. Bear has a B.A/M.A in economics from a preeminent economics school from a time when personal computers had monochrome monitors and no hard drives. He writes about Mortgage Backed Securities (Agency & Non-Agency), Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, Consumer Asset Backed Securities, Government Regulation Policy, and anything else that crosses his non-linear mind. Mr. Bear enjoys reading, technology, golf, improv comedy, and using shotguns to keep those damned kids off his lawn. He lives in the Washington DC area with his wife of 21 years and a dog who bites.

Comfortably Smug

10/30/2012:  Has not been affiliated with this blog for almost 2 years, and has never been affiliated in any way with Stone Street Advisors LLC.  Let this serve as a message that you should never lose your mind while tweeting, especially during the worst hurricane in a generation or two. –JST


Macrotradr has over 14 years of international and domestic investment banking experience, primarily in the Gloabl Macro Investment space.  Trained in equity linked and fixed income derivatives (the dark arts)  by BT and JPM, hired gun at SBC, CSFB and MLPFS. Has a BA in Economics, an MSc in Finance, and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst(CAIA). Like GTJ, he chooses to share his knowledge from the sidelines. HUGE NE area sports fan. Repressed Anglophile who likes Soccer, Rugby, Brit sitcoms and Guiness.  He’s rare (JST: Very, very rare) around these parts, but he makes the occasional appearance.

Bond Wimp

Is also no longer a member of the team due to his inability to treat others with courtesy & respect or do what he persistently promises to do. –JT

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  3. You Twitter kids are all clowns pretending to be bosses. I think you would be better served in a role acting in Hollywood.

    No regards,

    Ricardo Furburger IV

  4. Read your article on JSDA this AM, live out here in Seattle, and like the writing style, as not the normal mumbo jumbo off the normal financial scribes.

    Invested in them at near bottom as a way of supporting a product I like (the Dairy Queen philosophy of WB)

    How do I get the blog or info about Stone Street sent to me?

    Tim OBrien
    GM, Co-Owner
    Logistic Services NW LLC

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